My name is Timo aka Jokerminator, I was born in 1979 and I live Straight Edge.

I've started to create 3D multimedia and games with Anark Studio, Unity's blueprint, in 2002 and switched to the Unity engine in 2006. Is also use the Unreal Engine since 2015.

Favorite Games

( exemplary extract / order doesn't matter )

  • Android
    • Skyforce Reloaded
    • Dawn of Steel
    • Art of War 3
    • Bladebound

  • Windows
    • Flatscreen
      • Doom, Wolfenstein, Rage
      • Farcry 3 Blood Dragon
      • Terminator Resistance
      • Planetside 2
      • Crossout

    • Virtual Reality
      • DIRT Rally 2
      • Eve Valkyrie
      • Serious Sam
      • Borderlands 2
      • Until You Fall
      • Stormland
      • Asgard's Wrath

    • Mixed Reality
      • RoboRaid



I am Zen because it's great to turn off my brain from time to time. I am a modern Satanist because I believe that no one should burn in hell for occasionally committed "deadly sins". And I am a Discordian because I believe no religion should be taken too seriously.



My favorite song is I Love My Computer from Bad Religion. I also listen to for example Hardcore Punk and Drum'n'Bass.



Since I am allowed to vote here in Germany I vote for the Alliance 90/The Greens because we need to keep our spaceship earth alive and treat each other with respect. And I am an Anarchist because dictators need to be disempowered. 


Free Time

I am doing sports like weight training, mountain biking, swimming, and jogging. If I need a pause from my computer I am sculpting with virtual clay and printing these sculpts in 3D and..... I am creating unreal and real robots.