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This tutorial series was written for Blender 2.8.


Table of Contents


What it is about

This workflow tutorial will explain to an ambitious beginner how to:

  • Set up Blender for efficient modeling.
  • Blender's important hotkeys and controls.
  • Sculpt a high resolution organic 3D model.
  • Create a lower level of detail ( retopo ) of the model.
  • UV map the model and create a UV atlas.
  • Pose the rigged model.
  • Export the model.

In a second tutorial, I'll explain how to

  • create for example a normal image and
  • paint the model with Substance Painter
  • how to display the textured model in Unity


What you need

  • Blender for 3D modeling, UV mapping, baking, rigging and animating ( it's free )
  • Instant Meshes to create a basic retopology ( it's free )
  • TODO RetopoFlow



A graphics tablet ( Starts at about 30 $/€ or even less if you buy it used. )


What to make sure

You should save ( as... with a new name ) your work from time to time, even when it is not explicitly mentioned in this tutorial, to be able to change back to an older version, if this is necessary.
In general, I recommend using a revision control system like GitHub ( for Desktop ). However please keep in mind that GitHub still has a file size limit of 100 MB.. so it is not really useful for big, detailed sculpts with a size normally far above 100 MB ( 250 MB - 450 MB ).
Nonetheless, you should backup your work to external harddisks.. or for example to Google Drive if you have a good internet connection.


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